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Timers & Contactors

Timers & Contactors

Many plants are photo periodic – meaning that they produce different hormones depending on how many hours of light they receive per day.

If you are growing plants which are photo periodic, then you will need a timer to regulate your lights, unless you want to switch them on and off manually every day.

For any light over and including 250W you will also need a contactor. A contactor separates the current flowing to your timer from that flowing to your lights.

Without one, your timer will almost definitely fuse – effectively meaning that your lights will remain on when they should turn off.

There are many different contactors available – some have in-built timers, whereas some (such as the Ecotechnic Powerstars) require a separate timer.

Each contactor has a Kilowatt (KW) limit which is the total amount of Watts it can handle. So, for example, a 3KW contactor can handle four lights with a combined total of 3000W.

All of the timers and contactors on this page are safe, reliable and easy to use.

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