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Ducting & Accessories

We provide all the different equipment you will require when connecting your fans and filters. One of the most important apparatus is your ducting. Ducting is essential for transporting air away from your grow room or in through your grow room. To connect the ducting to your filter or fan you will need duct clips. Duct Clips are very easy to use you simply wrap around your ducting and tighten.

Depending on your set-up you may require y ducting which splits sections of ducting into two enabling you to use each branch of ducting for different purposes. We also supply silencers which aim to reduce noise coming from your extraction fan. These are ideal to use alongside extraction that is louder than you desire, such as RVK fans.

You will also find in this section ducting reducers designed to reduce or increase the size of your duct vents.

In addition we provide all other accessories such a fast clamps and Duct to wall. All listed items come in a range of sizes to suit you. If there is a size or product you cannot find, please ask a member of our team.

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