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Growing Systems

Growing Systems

Growing your own crops can be a demanding task, feeding and maintaining plant conditions can be laborious and time consuming. Our systems aim to make your growing experience easier and more time effective. All of our hydroponic systems are high quality brands and value for money.

Our current range includes autopot 4 plant systems, an automatic watering system which regulates the supply of water to each pot by gravity alone – meaning that it requires no electricity, pumps or timers!

GHE Aquafarm and Waterfarm, these systems work by plants growing in a chamber suspended above a reservoir containing a nutrient solution. An air pump is used to force the solution up into the chamber containing the plants.

IWS Flood and drain system, an automated hydroponic system which provides massive yields with minimal effort. Designed to be easily expanded it consists of three parts: pots; a reservoir; and a brain. Simply fill up the reservoir with your nutrient solution and the brain controls the rest, feeding your plants at regular intervals.


IWS Oxy pot in this system your plant's roots are constantly submerged in a nutrient solution which is aerated via an air pump, resulting in exceptional growth rates.

 NFT Grow tank (Nutrient Film Technique) system, a thin layer of nutrient solution is constantly flowing over your plants' roots, meaning that there is a constant supply of nutrients available.

Wilma hydro organic systems plants grow in pots which are above a tank filled with a nutrient solution. This nutrient solution is pumped through drippers (to feed the plants) and then passes back into the reservoir tank.

All of these systems offer different techniques, however all will ensure your plants are maintained well reducing the amount of work you need to do but increasing that final result. For more information on how to set up your system or which growing media you will need alongside your system, please ask a member of our team.

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