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Pumps, Heaters & Aeration

Pumps, Heaters & Aeration

It is important to understand the value of oxygen for your plants and their roots. Plants growth can be compromised as without oxygen it reduces your plants ability to intake nutrients and absorb water.

 In order to maintain healthy plants in a hydroponic setup you will need an air pump or air stones. These pieces of equipment are extremely energy efficient and improve aeration allowing your plants and roots to access oxygen; in addition they stop the water stagnating so problems such as root rot can be avoided.

Our current range includes Pumps which keep air in the nutrients and circulate a constant flow of steady water.

Air stones which are used to keep stagnant areas of water oxygenated and therefore are essential for use systems such as bubblers. You will need some silicon tubing to connect an air stone to a pump and tee pieces allow you to connect multiple outlets to single stones for increased air flow.


You will also find hydroponic heaters in this section. Our water heaters allow you to keep your nutrient solution at the optimum temperature for your plants. Fitted with a thermostat, they can be left on continuously without any need for adjustment.

All of these products come in different sizes and we provide a full range suitable for all hydroponic systems.

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