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Solar Green Power
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Solar Green Power by Buddah Tree is a Silica Acid based plant feed. Buddha Tree use Silica Acid because of the overwhelming benefits this type of silica has on plants. Silica Acid is easily absorbed by plants and once in the plants system this silica acid is used by the plants biologial system to promote and  stimulate plant health. As we know plants need photosynthesis to survive, Solar Green Power acts by offering readily available Silica which is obtained through root and foiliar absorption and transferred to leaves and the rest of the plant. The Silicon has shown to increase levels of chlorophyll enabling the plant to perform more efficiently by strengthening the plant and improving plant cell walls.

Solar Green Power will ultimately make the plant healthier, sturdier and have more uniformed growth. 

Directions for use:- 0.5ml per Litre.

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Solar Green Power
Solar Green Power 1L

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