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1000w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

Maxibright Digilight Pro has 6 power modes, the 1000w DigiLight Pro Select Ballast gives you ultimate control over the output of your HPS and Metal Halide lamps.

Adjustable to 400w, 600w and 1000w (and including a 10% ‘Super’ setting for each stage) this ballast is flexible enough for use throughout your grow – enabling you to adjust the light output according to your plants’ needs.

The DigiLight Pro Select also has a wide range of safety features such as ‘Soft Start Technology’ and ‘Surge Control’ – meaning that your bulbs will last longer and multiple ballasts will not produce a huge surge of energy when switched on at the same time.

Each ballast runs silently (with minimal heat) and also includes an LED diagnostic feature to help troubleshoot any problems that may occur with your set-up.

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1000w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast
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