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Grow Room Accessories

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3" Bamboo Canes 90cm (25 Pack)

Bamboo Canes are used to help support your plants upright.
From £3.95

4" Bamboo Canes 120cm (25 Pack)

Bamboo Canes are used to help support your plants upright.
From £5.95

5" Bamboo Canes 150cm (25 Pack)

Bamboo Canes are used to help support your plants upright.
From £6.95

Bonsai Shears

Bonsai Shears are stainless steal scissors suitable for cutting and trimming flowers and plants.
From £9.95

Elastic Crop Support Netting

This Elasticated Support Netting is a durable and flexible net designed to train and support your plants to grow and expand within your space to their full potential. The net offers your plant support without damage and the soft and delicate design allows a gentle yet firm hold for your plants. Once supported by the net, crops can grow with width and density without compromise, the use of this net will aid better quality and and maximum fruit production.
From £9.95

Essentials Digital EC Meter

Essentials EC Meter accurately measures the strength of your nutrient solution, just dip-stir and wait.
From £59.95

Essentials Illuminated Magnifier Loupe (60x-100x)

Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe is a compact magnifier with light
From £5.95

Essentials Microscope (100x)

Active Eye Microscope simple accessory to examine your plants up close
From £14.95

Root!t Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

The digital Heat Mat Thermostat by Root!t is a digital device which will ensure precise temperature control. The thermostat is designed to evenly spread the heat of the mat to suit the optimum growing temperature
From £34.95

Vitalink CF Calibration Fluid 250ml

To ensure your PH meters are providing you with accurate readings we advise you use calibration fluid to test your readings and adjust it according if necessary
From £3.95

24hr Grasslin Timer

The Grasslin timer allows you to set lights or pumps to come on/off for 15 minute intervals, over a 24 hour period.
From £11.95


Most of the products we sell will require an accessories to help you use the product or to make the growing experience easier.

We supply buckets to mix your nutrients or transport the nutrients/water, syringes to measure the correct quantities to ovoid over or under feeding your plants and Chains to hang your equipment or plugs for your fans/extractors; all can be found it this section.

We have put together everything you could possibly need to complete your growing experience. If there is anything you cannot find please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.