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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced nutrients are well known suppliers of high quality hydroponic nutrients, growing systems, additives, supplements and bloom enhancers.

Here at Grow Magic we have chosen Advanced Nutrients as their dedication to produce exceptional products does not go unmissed. Advanced nutrients pride themselves on being used worldwide combining science and research to present high value products to give you those vast yields.

Nirvana (Advanced Nutrients)

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients is a fully organic plant booster which will radically enhance your plants size, taste and smell.
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Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra (Advanced Nutrients)

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra is no ordinary calcium & magnesium supplement. On top of offering highly available forms of the these nutrients, it also provides 20 L-form amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and additional iron, as well as other micro-nutrients, like manganese and zinc
From £9.95

Bud Factor X (Advanced Nutrients)

A big part of what makes a harvest considered high quality is the essential oil content. Essential oils go hand in hand with the aromas, flavors and resin contents produced by harvested plants. These essential oils and resins create the terpine profile in the plant material; the compounds that influence the plant’s natural fragrances and flavours.
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Connoisseur (Advanced Nutrients)

Connoisseur benefits from Advanced Nutrient’s proprietary pH Perfect Technology automatically stabilising your pH, ensuring your plant’s stay within their “sweet spot”. Safeguards against stresses resulting from pH fluctuations. The pH-adjusting supplements that you otherwise have to use are strong acids and alkalis – harsh chemicals to introduce to your reservoir that result in sudden changes in pH which are stressful for your plants. With pH Perfect keeping the pH steady and stable – making it balance free — your crops no longer have to endure wild pH swings. Connoisseur is developed to prevent nutrient deficiencies, ensuring optimal nutrition. The sweet spot is where your plants achieve optimal nutrient absorption. When your pH stays within this range, nutrients remain bio-available to the roots. Optimum nutrient uptake ensures your crops are able to absorb all the primary, secondary, and micronutrients they need throughout the week – and throughout their lifecycle. Using Connoisseur you get extra insurance of optimal nutrition through super-absorptive chelation. In addition to pH stabilization, pH Perfect Connoisseur contains a secondary layer of protection: chelation. The powerful chelation in this formulation makes nutrients more available to the roots than they would be otherwise. This is true even under a wide range of extreme growing conditions, such overly acidic, alkaline, or mineralized waters, soils, hydroponic growing media, or nutrient solutions. So, even if the water you are using is too soft or too hard, or some environmental factor or growing error takes the pH above or below where it should be, your crops can still feed. This is because with this powerful chelation a theoretical absorption range between pH 1 and pH 10 is possible. (Although actual pH ranges in growing never vary this much—you can rest assured the chelation will keep your plants within the guard rails of optimal growing conditions.)
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Grow Bloom Micro (Advanced Nutrients)

Micro, Grow & Bloom is a three part base feed from Advanced Nutrients that's been scientifically formulated for optimum control and vigorous growth and bloom for the indoor gardener. Advanced Nutrients three part feeds are PH perfect and now contains Wet Betty – which is an organic surfactant that lowers the surface tension of the water, allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients to your plants. Grow, Bloom and Micro has added H-2 humic and F-1 fulvic acids which aid in the natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into the plants more efficiently, so your plants grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. The acids also gives quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport and more cellular metabolism!
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Piranha (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrients Piranha is made up of many beneficial fungi including Trichoderma which are perfectly balanced to strengthen your plant.
From £36.95

Revive (Advanced Nutrients)

Revive will treat and bring your plants back to life.
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Sensizym (Advanced Nutrients)

Your plants’ roots help you maximize your gardens yield when you give them a root zone filled with active enzymes that break down debris and promote nutrient absorption. It goes without saying that your garden benefits from a convenient enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone, which creates reusable nutrition for your plants so you save money.
From £9.95

Voodoo Juice (Advanced Nutrients)

Voodoo Juice is a nutrient designed to encourage rapid root zone expansion by maximising readily available nutrients
From £19.95

Big Bud (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids.
From £10.95

Bud Blood (Advanced Nutrients) 40g Sachet

Bud Blood is a flowering stimulator which encourages your plants to produce flowers earlier and quicker.
From £15.95

Bud Candy (Advanced Nutrients)

This 100% organic formula combines the benefits of Advanced Nutrients' Carbo Load and Sweat Leaf products.
From £14.95