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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced nutrients are well known suppliers of high quality hydroponic nutrients, growing systems, additives, supplements and bloom enhancers.

Here at Grow Magic we have chosen Advanced Nutrients as their dedication to produce exceptional products does not go unmissed. Advanced nutrients pride themselves on being used worldwide combining science and research to present high value products to give you those vast yields.

Bud Candy (Advanced Nutrients)

This 100% organic formula combines the benefits of Advanced Nutrients' Carbo Load and Sweat Leaf products.
From £14.95

Piranha (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrients Piranha is made up of many beneficial fungi including Trichoderma which are perfectly balanced to strengthen your plant.
From £36.95

Revive (Advanced Nutrients)

Revive will treat and bring your plants back to life.
From £6.95

Voodoo Juice (Advanced Nutrients)

Voodoo Juice is a nutrient designed to encourage rapid root zone expansion by maximising readily available nutrients
From £19.95

Big Bud (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids.
From £9.95

Bud Blood (Advanced Nutrients)

Bud Blood is a flowering stimulator which encourages your plants to produce flowers earlier and quicker.
From £15.95

Carbo Load (Advanced Nutrients)

Carbo Load provides your plants with essential carbohydrates and sugars in order to keep them growing during flowering stages.
From £6.95

Iguana Juice (Advanced nutrients)

Advanced nutrients Iguana juice is an organic vegetative formula designed to promote enhanced and rapid growth.
From £24.95

Overdrive (Advanced Nutrients)

Overdrive is a late flowering booster which helps to stimulate increased flower production right before your harvest.
From £9.95

Sensi (Advanced Nutrients)

Sensi Grow and Bloom are the hydroponic base nutrients from Advanced Nutrients.
From £24.95

Big Bud Coco (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud Coco is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids. Its NPK ratio of 0-1-3 means that it can be added earlier (than say PK 13/14) giving your plants and early flowering boost. This results in fruits and flowers being larger, more potent and increases the size of your yield. Big Bud is available in 1L.
From £29.95

Hammerhead (Advanced Nutrients)

Hammerhead by Advanced Nutrients is a plant enhancer for the flowering phase. Hammerhead has a PK ratio of 4-2-10.
From £22.95