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Air Movement Fans

Pedestal Fan 16" Oscillating

For larger grow rooms, an oscillating pedestal fan may be needed. These fans ensure that large areas have a constant supply of fresh air. The height of these fans can also be adjusted to suit your needs.
From £24.95

RAM Air Circular Fan

Circular fans differ from your average fan as they optimise the air movement within your grow room.
From £23.95

Garden Highpro 8" Clip Fan

The Garden Highpro 8” (200mm) Clip Fan is an incredibly efficient fan which is actually designed for use in a grow room.
From £16.95

Oscillating Clip Fan 7" (180mm)

These clip-on fans act to constantly keep fresh air flowing, taking on the role of wind in nature.
From £14.95

RAM 6" (150mm) Clip Fan

RAM 6” (150mm) Clip Fan is an incredibly efficient fan which is actually designed for use in a grow room.
From £14.95

Maxifan Wall Fan- 3 Speeds

Maxigrow wall fans allow you to achieve air movement in your grow room without taking up any floor space! In many grow rooms, floor space is at a premium and usually full of plants. These fans come with a bracket for mounting it to a wall. The head oscillates side to side in the usual sort of fashion, directing air around the grow room. They also have 3 speeds for further versatility which you select using a dial on the front of the fan body. The main fan head measures about 40cm which gives a great movement of air. Air movement helps with plant transpiration, which is the process by which plants move liquids around their systems.
From £29.95

Maxifan Floor Fan- 30cm

Maxifan’s are a range of high quality, sensibly priced air movement fans. The Maxifan floor fan has three speeds, a rotating directional airflow output and a 30cm output area.
From £26.95

RAM Oscillating Clip Fan 7" (180mm) 20w

Keep the air moving in your grow tent and you'll help to ensure that adequate levels of CO2 reach stomata while strengthening branches, disspating heat and reducing the liklihood of encountering issues like powdery mildew. As the name suggests, the 7-Inch RAM Clip-On Fan is the (slightly) bigger brother of our most popular fan. It can be quickly attached to a tent frame or a shelf and doesn’t take up the space of a pedestal fan. Great little product. Keeps the air moving around your tent Quickly and easily clips to a tent-frame, shelf or similar Doesn’t take up floor space like a pedestal fan Well made and reliable Switchable two-speed Only 20 watts power consumption Tilts and rotates to point the air flow where it is needed
From £24.95

Garden Highpro 10" Clip Fan-20Watt

Get a strong, steady air stream at any height with a PROFAN+. Air circulates in multiple directions, thanks to the unique oscillating function. There’s a 90o rotating base & 360o rotating grid. It’s easy to fix firmly at any height! There are 2 x fixing supports: A secure clip A sturdy clasp to fix to horizontal & vertical tent poles (up to 3cm diameter!) Hardly any energy is used! The fan has a 20W AC engine. To prolong your fan life, there’s a 100% cooper engine. A great investment all round. Oscillating fan - 90o rotating base & 360o rotating grid 10” (25cm) diameter 2 x speed settings 2 x fixing supports (secure clip & robust pole clasp) Fixes securely to horizontal & vertical poles Low power - 20W AC engine Long life - 100% copper engine
From £24.95


Fans are a simple, cost effective way of improving your growing environment. Along with your extractors and filters these fans will help you circulate air around your growing space.

Air movement is of great importance, these fans will prevent areas of damp developing and causing harmful bacteria to your plants. We offer different types of fans depending on your requirements.