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50mm Clone Collar Disc

Clone collar discs are used to support the stem of cuttings and fit perfectly in a 5cm net pot
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Air-Pots use the principles of 'air pruning' to help your plants develop a massive root system.
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Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot

Net pots are an excellent alternative to the traditional standard pot. These net pots benefit from a durable plastic net design which is less likely to crack or damage.
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Air-Pots are an alternative to the more conventional round or square pot. Air-pots are beneficial as they encourage plants to develop a massive root system because of their unique design.

These containers have walls made up of inward and outward pointing cones. This highly effective design allows for air to penetrate into the soil, preventing roots from circling creating a denser and more expansive root network, Air-Pots allow your plants to take up more water and nutrients - resulting in bigger plants and increased yields.