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Air-Pots use the principles of 'air pruning' to help your plants develop a massive root system.

These containers have walls made up of inward and outward pointing cones (some of which are open ended).This simple - but highly effective - design allows for air to penetrate into the soil, preventing roots from circling and promoting the growth of more feeder roots.

By creating a denser and more expansive root network, Air-Pots allow your plants to take up more water and nutrients - resulting in bigger plants and increased yields.

Furthermore, they can be easily dismantled for storage or cleaning and their rigid components mean that they are sturdy enough for use indoors or outdoors, multiple times!

Air-Pots are available in 1L, 3L, 9L, 12.5, 20L and 38L sizes.

1L-Height: 145mm  Outside diameter 111mm One fixing.

3L-Height 22.0 cm Outside Diameter 19.5cm One Fixing.

9L-Height 27.5cm Outside Diameter 26.9cm Two fixings. 

12.5L- Height 27.5cm Outside Diameter 30cm Two Fixings.

20L-Height 31.5cm Outside Diameter 35.5cm Two fixings.

38L- Height 37.5cm Outside Diameter 42.8cm Three fixings.

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1L Air-Pot (Black)
3L Air-Pot (Orange)
9L Air-Pot (Yellow)
12.5L Air-Pot (Green)
20L Air-Pot (Blue)
38L Air-Pot (Black)