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Atami is a reputable company known all over the world for their excellent nutrient ranges and Wilma systems. Atami products are guaranteed to be of a very high standard incorporating all the essential vitamins, stimulants and more to promote strong healthy plant growth.

The Atami collection includes the B’cuzz range, Rootbastic, Bloombastic, Wilma Systems and now organic additives all of which we supply in store!

Atami ATA Clean Irrigation Additive 1L

ATA Clean is an additive that helps to keep your irrigation system clean and prevents any blockages.
From £19.95

Atami Bloombastic

Bloombastic is an extremely strong PK (with an NPK of 0-20-21) which is suitable for use in the final weeks of flowering.
From £14.95

Wilma Hydro Organic Systems

In a Wilma system, plants grow in pots fed by drippers which are above a tank filled with a nutrient solution.
From £74.95