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Autopot Watering Systems

AutoPot supplies simple to use automatic watering systems that can be used either as a hydroponic system or as a traditional soil irrigation system. Indoor growing and greenhouse crops can be produced with ease.

Air-Dome (Autopot)

AutoPot - Air Dome Air domes are the perfect way to keep root-zones oxygenated in AutoPot systems. Roots are the engine of your plant – when root-zones are heavily aerated, the extra oxygen intensifies growth, leading to greatly increased health and overall vigour. Enhances AutoPot systems Made from durable plastic Oxygenates root-zones Increases yields by up to 25% The AutoPot - Air Dome Contains: 1 x Air Dome, 4 x 2" sections of porous tubing, 1 x cross connector, 1 x 50cm length of airline tubing
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Autopot 24 Pot System

The AutoPot 24-Pot systems are where the Autopots really come into their own, where hand-watering is simply too much of a time commitment for most hobby gardeners.
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AutoPot 4 Plant System

The AutoPot System is an automatic watering system which is suitable for most varieties and sizes of plants.
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Autopot Easy2go Kit

Easy2GO can be installed anywhere in the home, greenhouse, conservatory or patio and multiple kits can be linked together to keep larger volumes of plants watered while you’re away. This inexpensive, flexible system can be assembled in minutes and contains all fittings required to connect to a reservoir of your choice. You simply need a water container with a minimum 30 litre capacity and a flat based gardening tray with a minimum depth of 30mm.
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AutoPot Square Copper Root Disc

The Root Control Discs are black & gold in colour and are placed in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up. The purpose of the Root Control Disc is to prevent roots from leaving the pot.
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