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Autopot XL 4 Pot System

The Autopot XL 4 Pot System is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant types and sizes. Autopots are an easy-to-use nutrient delivery system. Plants are gravity fed from a reservoir – no pumps or items of electrical equipment are required. Instead, Autopots rely on the simple genius of their Aquavalve system to distribute feed to root systems as and when they need it. The unique action of the AQUAvalve is designed to allow the plant to go through a wet & dry cycle.

Autopots are a great way to supply your plants with the nutrients they require, without ever having to use pumps or other electrical equipment. Instead, Autopots rely on gravity and the ingenious Aquavalve to distribute nutrients as and when they are needed. Because of this, Autopot kits are simple to install and very user friendly.

Aquavalves fill trays up to the standard level of 20mm. Once this nutrient has been absorbed and the tray is empty, the Aquavalve automatically refills it back up to the 20mm level using an ingenious float valve system. Fresh nutrient solution is only ever delivered once root systems have absorbed the previous 20mm of feed.

The 4 Pot XL System is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank. Please see examples of typical layouts using 6mm pipe or 16mm pipe. The pots & trays can be easily moved at will, if the plants grow too large they can be spaced further apart with ease. Once set up and a tank is filled with water & liquid feed this extremely versatile system will completely take care of all your plants needs.

All you need to do is remember to fill up your tank from time to time.

Autopots are fed from underneath, they require a medium that is able to absorb liquid effectively, Coco coir works very well, it can be used alone or mixed with perlite or clay pebbles, up to a ratio of around 1 part medium to 1 part perlite/clay pebbles, particularly when using heavier potting soils. Even coco grows benefit when the medium is mixed with perlite at a rate of around 1:1 (coco - perlite/clay pebbles). Soil is fine, but heavier grades work best when mixed with up to 50% perlite.

We recommend growers use a good quality soil/Coco in this system such as House and Garden Bat Special or Canna Terra Professional Plus 1:1 (coco/soil - perlite/clay pebbles) or works well with a bed of clay pebbles around a 40-50mm.  

Autopot XL 4 Pot System

1x 47ltr tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet
1x 6mm golf filter
4x 6mm tee connector
2x 6mm cross connector
2x 6mm inline tap
4x 1Pot XL trays & lids
4x 25 litre pot
4x AQUAvalve
4x root control disc
1x 4 metre length of 6mm pipe

How to use the XL Autopot System?

This is actually quite a simple process.

Place the circular root control disc at the bottom of the Autopot tray, with gold face down in the pot. This will ensure that roots don't grow into the Aquavalve tray and cause blockages that may inhibit the distribution of nutrient. The black matrix discs also help to prevent blockages and should be placed in the bottom of your Autopot containers.Fill pot with medium and pot up plants, Water through pot and allow to drain outside the tray. Remove collar and Push 6mm pipe through collar and attach to AQUAvalve nozzle, Rescrew collar - (DON’T overturn... when you feel it grip STOP.) Connect AQUAvalve so ‘half moon’ is on T section in the tray. Position tray so it is level, Cut 6mm/16mm pipe to appropriate length. 

Using your front instruction sheet, repeat the module set up instructions for the number of trays.

Allow your plants to establish for 7-10 days before turning system on

Push 6mm top hat grommet into tank, then push 6mm pipe through grommet, Inside the tank push 6mm filter into 6mm pipe. Place pot in the tray, make sure it is CLEAN! Place lid over valve onto tray.

Aquavalve Maintenance

To check that the Aquavalve is functioning properly, hold it at eye level and take a close look at the yellow silicon which is fitted into the top float. In order for the Aquavalve to function correctly, a tight seal should be formed between this float and the hole that sits underneath it. If it doesn't sit properly over the hole, lift the top float up, remove the yellow silicon and give it a quick clean. When you put it back into position it should form a tight seal.

The Aquavalve should be cleaned after each grow using warm soapy water and a cloth.

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Autopot XL 4 Pot System
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