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Black Box Contactor 8 Way

This Heavy Duty professional contactor is designed for an eight Light Room with limited access to mains power sockets or  8x 600w Lamps. 

Each socket has its own power switch with an independent on/off switch. This design is ideal to leave all equipment, i.e Ballasts plugged in, so no need to remove any plugs.

The Black Box is fitted with a mechanical timer. This reliable contactor ensures that your lights turn on/off safely, meaning you can leave your grow room running without having to be there.

An essential piece of equipment when using HID lamps over 250 watts, the 8-way contactor can be fitted onto a wall via a hanging bracket and requires only two power sockets to power all eight of your lamps.

General Running Currents:

You should always match the switching load to the Black Box with the same amps rating. For example, 2 x 1000w Sodium power packs = 10Amps running current (switching load) so a 13Amp Black Box control unit should be selected.

General running currents are:

250W 1.25A
400W 2.13A
600W 2.89A
1000W 5A


Quick guide:

Ballast 250W 400W 600W 1000W
Black Box 2 way 13A (3kW) 2 2 2 2
Black Box 4 way 26A (6kW) 4 4 4 4
Black Box 6 way 26A (6kW) 6 6 6 4
Black Box 8 way 26A (6kW) 8 8 8 4
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Black Box Contactor 8 Way