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Bloom advanced floriculture

Agricultural Organics is revolutionising the way you garden with ‘bloom’ advanced floricuture. They are an Australian owned and operated liquid fertilizer manufacturer fusing science with nature to give you the most advanced floriculture feed system available.

The Bloom range of organic and organic based fertilizers and additives have been developed to help you take control of your gardening success. The ingredients we use to formulate the bloom products are mostly derived from plants, fungi or the earth. Based on scientific research bloom is designed to maximise a plants own genetic capabilities, bringing the very best out of nature.

Using innovative technology each product has been formulated as highly concentrated, making the application per feed very low so you get more out of each bottle! Bloom can be utilized in  any medium type or growing method.

There are many exciting products in the range, each with a specific function and timing for application that is highlighted in our feed schedules. The Deluxe feed schedules are best suited to more experienced growers who want maximum results. While  the Basic feed schedules are geared to beginners.

Once you understand the way bloom products perform in your garden you can change application and dosage to suit your growing style.

Take control of your garden with bloom.

Bloom Euro 2L (1L A + 1L B)

Bloom Euro is a 2 part A&B nutrient used from the beginning through to the end, suitable for hydroponics use.
£14.95 From £10.95

Bloom Ooze

Bloom Ooze increases flower size and natural aroma. Ooze contains organic plant stimulants
From £25.45

Bloom Phat

Bloom Phat is a flowering booster with accelerates plant growth and flower size.
From £25.45

Bloom Pre

Bloom Pre is for use during the growth cycle as a booster for flowering site growth, encouraging bushier plants not tall slim plants.
From £16.75

Bloom Ultra

Bloom Ultra is a flowering booster for organic plant growth, it promotes steady, consistent growth.
From £31.95

Bloom Florigen 300ml

Bloom Florigen is a flower enhancing spray used to improve health and performance.
£29.95 From £23.95