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Bloom advanced floriculture

Bloom Euro 2L (1L A + 1L B)

Bloom Euro is a 2 part A&B nutrient used from the beginning through to the end, suitable for hydroponics use.
From £14.95

Bloom Final

Bloom Final is a late flower enhancer used to increase flower development and promote better results
From £31.95

Bloom Ooze

Bloom Ooze increases flower size and natural aroma. Ooze contains organic plant stimulants
From £31.95

Bloom Phat

Bloom Phat is a flowering booster with accelerates plant growth and flower size.
From £31.95

Bloom Pre

Bloom Pre is for use during the growth cycle as a booster for flowering site growth, encouraging bushier plants not tall slim plants.
From £20.95

Bloom Roots

Bloom Roots is a vegetative booster which stimulates new growth, exceptional root growth, prevent disease and decreases stress helping the plant grow.
From £20.95

Bloom Ultra

Bloom Ultra is a flowering booster for organic plant growth, it promotes steady, consistent growth.
From £31.95

Bloom Florigen

Bloom Florigen is a flower enhancing spray used to improve health and performance.
From £29.95

Bloom Groigen

Bloom Groigen is a vegetative enhancer , used to increase photosynthesis, plant healthy and growth
From £21.95