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Budbox Pro XLR Grow Tent (White) 120x120x180cm

The XLR Budbox Pro Grow Tent (120x120x180cm) is suitable for use with most medium sized systems and HPS lights up to 600w. The unique roof of this tent allows for the 180cm height but fits slanted ceilings and loft spaces. Systems such as the NFT GT1000 or the Wilma 8 Pot will fit perfectly in one of these tents. An excellent solution for growers on a budget. 

BudBox is still the ONLY grow tent that takes the time and care to powder coat our poles and connectors, delivering the best possible anti-corrosion protection and a very clean and reflective look.

As well as increasing the size and number of all ventilation ports they have added ground level irrigation ports on the left and right hand side panels.

The New BudBox Pro Range of Grow Tents

  • -Two new stronger, black powder-coated frames in 16mm & 25mm tempered rolled steel
  • -All new metal corner connectors
  • -New quick lock, push & click pole assembly
  • -New ventilation - 20% bigger ports all round to accommodate acoustic ducting
  • -The new BudBox™ features a green viewing window
  • -All new inspection doors - (from XL up)
  • -Ground level irrigation ports - (from XL up)
  • -Strong door clips & new branded, high quality zips
  • -Two new tent sizes - XL+ & XXL+
  • -The Titan range has no intrusive vertical or ground poles
  • What Size Fan and Filter do i need for the Budbox Pro 120cm x 120cm x 180cm?

  • The 120cm x 120cm x 180cm is suitable for comfortably 6-12 plants. As with all grow tents they require a filter and extraction in order to maintain ideal growing conditions. An extraction kit is essential to create the best environment satisfying your plants with optimum temperatures and humidity. For this tent a 5" or 6" Extraction kit would be suitable. Ultimately your choice of extraction comes down to your choice of lighting and environment. If, for example you are using a Low powered light/low heat light for example a Flourescent 4 tube, CFL (125W, 250W, 300W) or a LED Unit then a 5" Extraction kit will suffice. If your choice of light is a HPS (High Pressure Sodium) 250w, 400w, 600watt then a 6" Extraction kit would be more suitable. It is also important to consider internal and external temperatures. i.e the temperature in your tent with just the light and the temperature of the building you are growing in, is it usually cold or warm? Use a thermometer before growing to check this. If we consider the ideal growing temperature to be between 22-28 degress then if with no light your current temperature is high you will know once a light is on you are likely to need a higher extraction. Likewise if the building is cold or you are in the heart of a winter climate, the 5" would be more suitable. 

    If in doubt, we reccomend it is always better to over spec your fan and reduce its output with a controller, this gives you the flexibility to increase its output to maintain optimum conditions for your plants, for example in the middle of summer.

    Also remember we are here to help. Our staff are qualified with expert advise so if you need help choosing equipment feel free to email or call before placing your order. Better still, come and visit us in store.

    So why Choose Budbox Pro Tents?

    • -Industry leading PAR reflectivity.
    • -Strongest frames - 25mm.
    • -Access doors.
    • -Metal corners.
    • -Double stitched seams.
    • -Uplift irrigation bar.
    • -Green viewing window.
    • -Double cuff vents.
    • -20% oversized vents.
    • -Screened passive vents.
    • -Waterproof drip tray.
    • -Roof hanging bars.
    • -Silicon pads for roof bars.
    • -Main door clips.
    • -Clear floor space.
    • -Hanging straps provided.
    • -Canvas completely unzips
    • -Like all Budbox Tents it is highly durable, reliable and easy to bulid.
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Budbox Pro XLR Grow Tent (White) 120x120x180cm
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