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Buddha Tree

Buddha Tree Meta-Boost

Buddha Tree Meta-Boost is a flowering stimulant which increases the plants metabolism converting nutrients into usable energy. Meta- Boost is rich in Seaweed and naturally occurring plant stimulants.
From £39.95

Buddha Tree Solar Green Power 1L

Solar Green Power by Buddha Tree is a silica acid based nutrient. Silica acid will help the overall performance of the plant.
From £54.95

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18

Buddhas Tree is currently the only PK 9-18 soluble solution available on the market.
From £24.95

Buddha Tree Flower Burst

Buddha Tree Flower Burst is a flowering booster to encourage flowering early. Flower Burst has an NPK of 0-10-8
From £43.95

Buddhas Tree Coco (A&B) Nutrients

Buddhas Tree Coco A & B is a new special formulated high quality nutrient designed specifically for Coco. The 2 part nutrients contains everything your plant needs to deliver both optimal development in both growth and flowering phases. Suited to all watering systems Buddhas Tree Coco A & B - is simple to mix as it dissolves instantly. Designed specifically to meet the needs of coco coir substrates
From £13.95