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Buddhas Tree

Buddha's Tree is a family owned business and consists of close, small group of friends and relatives with over 30 years of growing experience and knowledge. We are also very lucky to have the innovative talent of our Biochemist. He is rated as one of the top 4 biochemists in the world and in his particular field of agriculture he is number 1 in the world. He is responsible for some of the worlds record breaking food crop yields. It's hard to overstate how pivotal he and his skills have been in helping us develop our products with the qualities and standards we insist upon. We draw on our combined experience and strive to develop products that set the highest standards and that consistently produce the results we would want to achieve ourselves. 

The aim is to be a breath of fresh air to the growing and hydroponic industry and bring to the market new and innovative products and nutrients that achieve new heights, by focusing on principles of outstanding performance and equally important, safety. The latter of which we particularly feel is an area that has been neglected in our industry and one that we focus on obsessively.

Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost

Buddha Tree Meta-Boost is a flowering stimulant which increases the plants metabolism converting nutrients into usable energy. Meta- Boost is rich in Seaweed and naturally occurring plant stimulants.
From £14.95

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

Solar Green Power by Buddha Tree is a silica acid based nutrient. Silica acid will help the overall performance of the plant.
From £16.95

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18

Buddhas Tree is currently the only PK 9-18 soluble solution available on the market.
From £24.95

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

Buddha Tree Flower Burst is a flowering booster to encourage flowering early. Flower Burst has an NPK of 0-10-8
From £24.95

Buddhas Tree Coco (A&B) Nutrients

Buddhas Tree Coco A & B is a new special formulated high quality nutrient designed specifically for Coco. The 2 part nutrients contains everything your plant needs to deliver both optimal development in both growth and flowering phases. Suited to all watering systems Buddhas Tree Coco A & B - is simple to mix as it dissolves instantly. Designed specifically to meet the needs of coco coir substrates
From £13.95

Buddhas Tree Organicus 99%

Buddha tree Organicus 99% is a veg and bloom feed for organic growers.
From £10.95