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Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost

Buddha Tree Meta-Boost is a highly concentrated plant stimulant suitable for vegetation and boosting the plant during Flowering. Meta- Boost will increase the plants metabolism converting the goodness of Meta-Boost into usable plant energy. Meta- boost contains High levels of Rich Seaweed containing naturally occuring plant stimulants including Auxins. Auxins are plant hormones which play a vital role in plant growth and development. Alongside Auxins, Meta-Boost also contains Cytokinins (CK) which are plants growth substances assisting cell division in plants roots and shoots, but also may effect bud growth and the leaf aging process.

Using Buddha Tree Meta-Boost you will be encouraging energised growth, giving your plants the hormones and amino acids they need to directly assist plants growth without having to use or transfer energy from other areas of the plant, so the plants will not suffer or be deprived in other areas.

Recommended usage: 

0.5-1ml per Litre during Vegetation

1ml per Litre during Bloom

2ml per Litre in Late Bloom

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Buddha Tree Meta-Boost 250ml
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