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Budget Vortex Extraction Kits

The Budget Vortex Extraction Kit contains everything you need to extract air from your grow room. Adding an extaction kit to your set up will make air exchange and odour removal easy & affordable. The Vortex Extraction kit will continually remove stale, damp, hot, CO2 depleted air, making room for fresh, CO2 rich air. It’ll also remove bad odours, help prevent high heats and keeps humidity under control.

Included in each kit is: A Vortex Inline Fan; Vortex Carbon Filter; 5m of Vortex Aluminium Ducting; 2x Jubilee Clips.

Specifications for 4" Kit:

4" Vortex Inline Fan

Voltage=220V          Frequency= 50Hz

Current=0.30A         Input Power=60W

Speed=2650rpm      Volume= 350m3/h

Pressure=320Pa       Noise=47db

4"Carbon Filter

100mm x 250mm (165m3/h)

Specifications for 6" Kit:

6" Vortex Inline Fan

Voltage=220V          Frequency= 50Hz

Current=0.79A         Input Power=150W

Speed=2600rpm      Volume= 800m3/h

Pressure=360Pa       Noise=52db

6"Carbon Filter

150mm x 500mm  (480m3/h)

Specifications for 8" Kit:

8" Vortex Inline Fan

Voltage=220V          Frequency= 50Hz

Current=0.80A         Input Power=180W

Speed=2550rpm      Volume= 1050m3/h

Pressure=570Pa       Noise=53db

8"Carbon Filter

200mm x 500mm  (760m3/h)

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Budget Vortex Extraction Kits 4" (100mm)
Budget Vortex Extraction Kits 6" (150mm)
Budget Vortex Extraction Kits 8" (200mm)