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Canadian Xpress

Canadian express are firm believers in revolutionising and refreshing the approach of creating and using hydroponic nutrients. In their quest to make better more effective products they created the concept of ‘fusion nutrition’, the idea was to create nutrients specifically targeted to maximise yield and quality.

The aim was to disregard out dated ideas that nutrition was only based on 16 elements and instead create products that contained the necessary components and additional boosters to optimise growth. 

CX Tanlin Drops (Gnat Treatment)

Tanlin concentrated drops can help save your plant from the destructive effects of Fungus Gnats (also known as Sciarid Fly).
From £18.95

CX Powdery Mildew Treatment

Powdery Mildew Treatment (or PMT) can be used as a preventative measure or as a treatment for Powdery Mildew.
From £19.95