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Canawipes are bio-degradable cleaning wipes which are safe to use on skin and excellent for removing tough dirt. These Canawipes are without doubt the most effective and fast way to clean almost any type of dirt. These wipes will remove odour, resin, sticky residue, oils, dirt, grease even permanent marker! We have tried and tested these ourselves and they really do exactly what they say they will. They are by far the most efficient way to clean up thoroughly and they remove, with ease, tough mess and the most resilient dirt build up.

These wet wipes and are unlike other wet wipes or paper towels available to buy, they do not contain offensive and harsh chemicals making them non-abrasive and definitely kind to skin.

Canawipes work by lifting any kind of dirt and mess and they keep the residue embedded on the wet wipe. Once dirt is removed the remaining cleaning solution evaporates away and you can continue your day with clean, fresh hands- No soaking, rinsing or drying required!

After using these Canawipes you may also notice your hands are soft to touch, that is because each wipes contains 4 different skin conditioners. These conditioners are Glycerin, Lanolin, Aloe and Vitamin E, all well-known highly effective moisturisers.

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