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Carbon Filters

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter

Rhino Hobby Filters are a compact quality carbon filter designed for the hobby grower.
From £24.95

Rhino Carbon Filters

Rhino filters use the best quality Australian carbon.
From £5.95

Rope Ratchets

Rope Ratchets can be used to help position the largest carbon filters, light reflectors, ventilation equipment and light fixtures.
From £11.95

Mountain Air Carbon Filter

Mountain Air Filters are quality Carbon Filters. Incorporating a Carbon Filter in your growing space is essential to successfully remove unwanted smells and bad odour. Air Filters are relied upon to completely control odour and Mountain Air Filters use the best quality Carbon and complex interior designs to ensure guaranteed performance.
From £74.95

RAM Pro Carbon Filter

The RAM Pro Active Carbon Filter features a carbon pore size of 0.02 micron, which is very high in carbon specification. It means that the carbon is far more absorbent to volatile organic smells and is more attractive to them making the odour element stick to them like glue and become absorbed.
From £29.95


Carbon filters are an essential piece of equipment which most set-ups will benefit from. The job of a carbon filter is to remove unwanted, unpleasant and potentially harmful air.

Filters work by using carbon to attract compounds in the air such as bad smells and therefore remove them from your grow room.

These filters use top quality carbon which contains small amounts of ash-ash is considered a wasted material and therefore the lower amount produced the better. We offer different types of filters depending on your preference and budget. We stock Rhino Carbon filters and Prima Klima Eco Carbon Filters. Both these brands guarantee better control over your grow room environment, improving conditions so the air is more pure.

We sell all filters individually or as a part of a kit which will include all the essentials such as the filter, extractor fan, ducting, duct clips, power lead etc.