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CO2 Boost Bucket

CO2 Boost Buckets are a 100% natural and organic way to produce CO2 in larger grow areas. Each bucket comes with a pump and air hose which allows you to direct the carbon dioxide directly towards the canopy of your plants.

In addition to this, CO2 Boost Buckets are designed to work alongside your light cycle – by simply adding a timer, you can coordinate the bucket to produce CO2 when your lights are on and stop producing CO2 when they are off.

Designed for grow areas up to 8m x 4m (32’ x 16’), this product should not be used on areas smaller than 2m x 2m (8’ x 8’) without a timer to limit CO2 output. CO2 Boost Buckets last for at least 60 days when used constantly or up to 90 days if coordinated with your light cycle.

They are supplied with everything you need to get started including detailed instructions.

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CO2 Boost Bucket