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UGro XL Compressed Coco Brick 70L

XL is a 5 kg block of pressed and dehydrated cocopeat with a low percentage of fibres. Its big size makes XL a money-saving solution. With 18 litres of water it yields up to 70 litres of high quality cocopeat. It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors. Perfect for short-term and seasonal crops.
From £10.95

Canna Coco Natural 50L

Effectively containing no nutritional value to plants, Coco is considered a hydroponic growing medium, and is used by many growers as a first step from soil to hydroponics.
From £10.95

Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L

Effectively containing no nutritional value to plants, Coco is considered a hydroponic growing medium, and is used by many growers as a first step from soil to hydroponics.
From £14.95

Gold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco Mix 50L

Gold Label 60/40 combines the moisture retention properties of coco with the drainage benefits of clay pebbles.
From £13.95

Plagron Coco Premium 50L

Plagron Coco Premium is a growing nutrient suited for potting plants. Plagron Coco is made with high quality Coco, enriched with trichoderma and lightly buffered to offer a low EC value. Coco itself has great aeration and drainage properties making it an exellent choice for many growers.
From £12.95

Ecothrive Coco 50L

Ecothrive Coco is a blend of quality coco coir and Charge pre-blended ready to use.
From £15.95

Gold Label Coco 50L

Gold Label Coco is manufactured using the fibres from the husk of the coconut. Only matured woody brown husk is used for optimum quality and stabilty of the substrate. The husk fibres are washed to remove excess EC, buffered to remove potassium and then sieved into fine fibres. All the processing is done in an environmentally friendly way under supervision of the RHP authority. Gold Label Coco is RHP Horticulture certified thus ensuring quality, stability and crop safety. Mineral as well as organic nutrients can be used with this fully organic, recyclable top quality substrate. The light weight makes it easy to handle and process.
From £12.95

Gold Label 70/30 Coco/Perlite 50L

Premium 70/30 Coco - Perlite mix for horticulture - Hydroponic substrate with outstanding drainage features. Gold Label Coco (70%) and Perlite (30%) is a very porous and light inert substrate that combines tremendous air volume with great water retention and capillary action. The 3-6 mm perlite granules reduce shrinkage of the mixture and contribute to a stable and open structure. Made out of the finest and cleanest raw coco coir available on the market. All flushing and buffering processes take place in the Netherlands. Pre-charged with slow release calcium and natural trace elements. Guaranteed both low salts and low heavy metal contents! Coco/Perlite 70/30 is a suitable mix for ebb & flow and automated irrigation systems and less affected by aids and micro-organisms.
From £14.95

Vitalink Clay/Coir 50L (Coco/Pebbles)

VitaLink Clay Coir contains an optimum blend of 60% expanded clay pebbles and 40% coconut coir.
From £11.95

Vitalink Coir (Coco) 50L

VitaLink 100% Coir is a buffered coco coir substrate which is ideal for growing crops.
From £10.95


Coco is fast becoming a very popular choice amongst those in the pursuit of large and luxurious yields.

Canna's Coco Professional Plus growing medium comes in the form of fine flakes and contains a special mould (Trichoderma) which helps protect plants against root diseases and pathogens. This environmentally friendly, organic product encourages healthy root development and its excellent aeration leads to fast growing plants.

Coco also supplies a gold label range benefiting from 40%of fine coco medium and 60% clay pebbles. Clay pebbles are known for their great drainage benefits and can be used in hydroponic growing system. The gold label gives you the best of both!

Please see the nutrients and additives tab to view our great range of Canna formulas to use with coco.