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250 Watt CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Kit Basic

250 Watt CFL Grow Kits are ideal for small growers and enthusiastic Hobbyists. Dual spectrum Compact Flourescent Lights (CFL's) are ideal for those wanting to plug in and grow using one light all the way through. CFL Lights offer great value low energy lighting with 'self-ballast' operation so no additional power packs are necessary. In this kit you will find a Secret Jardin HS60 tent measuring 60cm x 60cm x 160cm which is the perfect size to house this CFL lighting kit maximising optimal light and space to start growing your Vegetables, Herbs and Plants indoors. This compact tent comes complete with a Ram 4" Extraction kit which isncludes a 4" Carbon Filter (with sleeve), 4" mixed flow fan, 5m aluminium ducting and 3 jubilee duct clips. This extraction kit fits comfortably inside the HS60 Tent and together with the dual spectrum CFL and Lumii 24hr timer it offers the ideal growing set-up.

CFL 250watt Dual Spectrum Grow Kit Includes:

1x HS60 Tent (60cm x 60cm x 160cm)

1x CFL Reflector

1x Dual Spectrum CFL 250watt

1x 4M Jack chain

1x RAM 4" Filter

1x RAM 4" Mixed Flow Fan

1x 4" Aluminium/Combi Ducting 5metre*

3 x Duct Clips

1 x Lumii 24hr manual Timer 

*Subject to Availability Brands may differ

Individual Product Specifications:

HS60 60cm x 60cm x160cm 

1x 30x20 cm mesh window and removable flap

Sock with tightening strings :

1x Extraction Ø150 mm

1x Intraction Ø150 mm

2x Lightning holders and filter included, supporting up to 5 kg each

1x Pair of StrapIT - Strap for filter

RAM 4" Extraction KIT

Airflow Rates for Inline 4 Inch: Variable 199m3/hr / High Speed 165 m3/hr

Ram 4" Filter Size 100x200 Maximum recommended fan flow rate 170 m3/hr

Dual Spectrum CFL offers 220/240V 50/60HZ. Offers Both the blue spectrum (grow) and the red spectrum (red) making it suitable for the whole growth cycle.

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CFL 250 Watt Dual Spectrum Grow Kit Basic