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Dry Leaf Portable Trimmer

Portable trimmers are a supberb bit of kit which saves time and space. Plant trimmers remove excess leaf matter from your dried product by simply shaking it off in a few rotations. The trimmer is effective yet gentle and does the job on trimming quick and well. With the trimmer doing all the cutting you will have more time to tend your indoor garde. As well as gaining time you will save yourself the finger ache from trimming and pruning- Taking you from old school ways to new school ways.

So why use a portable trimmer?

You get fast reults-Trim your end-product in minutes not hours.

Keeps your product fresh- Features no moving or perishable blade.

Compact-Super simple and lightweight design, which can be packed down.

A Bargain- Value for money.

Science behind the product
The trimmer is deisgned to work with dried products only, with solid density. Any product that is even slightly damp and fluffy will not benefit from the trimming process as the trimmer relies on friction to break away the leaf matter.
The trimmer works by placing your dried material inside the main, larger compartment and zipping it up. Rotating the trimmer clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession causes friction and for the trimming to take place. The buds stay in the larger container while the leaf matter filters down through a sieve-like filter.

1 x Portable Trimmer
1 x Instruction Manual

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Dry Leaf Portable Trimmer
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