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Enzymes & Beneficials

Dutch Pro Multi Total

Dutch Pro Multi Total is a one part enzyme additive suitable for use in all mediums and systems including hydro, coco and soil. Multi Total works by transforming organic material from dead plant matter into useful nutrients.
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Hesi Powerzyme

Powerzyme is a Enzyme additive which takes care of the plants root system providing optimum care
From £14.95

Plant Success Great White- Mycorrhizae

Great White is a premium Mycorrhizae made up of multiple fungi and beneficial bacteria all targeted to expand and improve the root zone, showing explosive growth and health.
From £11.95

Canna Cannazym

Cannazym is a high quality enzyme product which is packed full of vitamins to help improve the levels of growth.
From £6.95

Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is an exceptional blend of 15 Vitamins and 10 Amino acids.
From £7.95

House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold

Roots Excelurator contains a powerful root stimulator which encourages rapid root growth.
From £37.95


Hygrozyme is an organic enzyme based product which helps to break down dead root matter and also acts as a root zone cleaner.
From £24.95

Vitalink Heat

Vitalink Heat is a Bio-Stimulant used to help plants cope with the stress and deterioration of plants health that can be caused during the winter months and/or low temperatures.
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Vitalink Hydrate

Vitalink Hydrate helps support plants when they are struggling during periods of water stress. During Summer, or even increased temperatures plants can dry out sooner than usual and the effects can be devastating. Vitalink Hydrate is a highly concentrated solution to this problem.
From £19.95

Tarantula (Advanced Nutrients)

Beneficial microbes in the root-zone improves the availability of nutrients and help to protect against root-diseases. Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Liquid contains 6 super-strains of beneficial microbe which have been painstakingly and bred to create the best possible environment for the roots of your plants.
From £21.95

Sensizym (Advanced Nutrients)

Your plants’ roots help you maximize your gardens yield when you give them a root zone filled with active enzymes that break down debris and promote nutrient absorption. It goes without saying that your garden benefits from a convenient enzyme formula that breaks down dead material from your root zone, which creates reusable nutrition for your plants so you save money.
From £9.95

Vitalink Silicon Max

Silicon MAX is a highly-concentrated and easily soluble silicon additive. It is designed to be used throughout all stages of plant life. Silicon MAX contains potassium silicate, the best form of silicon for plant uptake. Silicon is highly beneficial to plant health, strengthening cell walls to produce stronger and bigger plants, thicker roots and an increased resistance to diseases and stress. It boosts CO2 absorption, chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, resulting in bigger yields and heavier fruits.
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Your plants ability to intake nutrients and protect itself from disease is dramatically increased by enriching your plants with different enzymes and Beneficial’s.

As plants characteristics vary, their behaviour can be different, so experimenting and helping stimulate your plants is advised. Enzymes and beneficials aim to give your plants good bacteria and fungus which dominate the root zone allowing your plants to prevent disease, stimulate roots and absorb more nutrients.

Using these products will guarantee stronger and healthier plants.