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Fan Controllers

SMScom Hybrid Controller MK2 8 AMP

1 x Mk2 SMSCom Hybrid Pro Controller 8Amp Version with 4.5m temperature sensor, 1.2m power cable & 1.6m light sensor
£309.95 From £279.95

SMScom Hybrid Controller MK2 4 AMP

1 x Mk2 SMSCom Hybrid Pro Controller 4Amp with 4.5m temperature sensor, 1.2m power cable & 1.6m light sensor
From £289.95

Rhino Fan Controller

The Rhino RC-1 Fan Controller is a great option for growers with smaller fans.
From £99.95

SMSCOM 4.5amp Twin Fan Speed Controller MK2

The SMSCOM 4.5amp Twin Fan Speed Controller MK2 allows almost total control of the speed of two fans and helps maintain an optimum temperature in your room or tent.
From £86.95

SMSCOM 6.5amp SMART Fan Speed Controller MK2

The SMSCOM 6.5 Single Fan Speed Controller is an effective way to regulate the speed of one fan.
From £29.95

SMSCOM SMART MK2 Thermostat (6.5amp)

The SMSCOM Thermostat connects to the 6.5A Single Fan Speed Controller allowing you to control the temperature in your grow room.
From £37.95

Ecotechnics Evolution Digital Temperature & Humidity Controller

The Ecotechnics Evolution is a fully programmable, digital controller which offers excellent value for money.
From £179.95

Blauberg Silent Fan Speed Controller 1.5 AMP

Blauberg STR Speed controllers are designed to suit all Blauberg speed controllable extract and supply air fans and air handling unit. They offer a full speed control range from 40% of full fan speed upwards in 5 equal stepped voltages. Transformer based technology offers has the advance of not creating harmonic noise normally associated with electronic speed controllers. STR speed controllers do not generate any annoying humming or buzzing noise. STR speed controllers are supplied in either a plastic or steel casing with an IP54 rating. This makes them more suitable for kitchen extract systems and humid environments.
From £74.95

SMS SMART MK2 Temperature cable/Probe

The Replacement SMS Smart temperature cable is suitable for use with the SMS Smart 6.5amp MK2 Controller, without a probe it is basically a dimmer switch.
From £12.95

Variispeed Fan Controller

If you have a single extractor fan and want a no-nonsense device for manually adjusting the speed setting then this controller from Variispeed is a great option! The product looks smart, does the desired job and costs under a tenner! Simply plug your fan into the Variispeed Controller, then insert it into a mains socket and use the dial to dictate the rate of airflow. Talk about being hassle-free! Finally say goodbye to overly complicated, long-winded set ups! During times of high temperatures you can change the Variispeed Controller settings to increase the fan speed so that warm air is pushed out of the room/tent with more urgency. Alternatively, when the colder months come around you are able to keep any heat present in the grow space for longer by using the unit to reduce the airflow or even put a stop to it altogether. The Variispeed Fan Controller measures 53mm x 63mm x 98mm and accommodates a maximum power load of 300W. Note: a gentle humming sound may be produced during use. Whilst the device isn’t responsive to environmental conditions and can only manage one small fan (maximum size of 8” or 200mm), the price and ease-of-use should definitely appeal to beginners and growers on a tight budget.
From £9.95


Our aim at Grow magic is to make growing your own crops as easy as possible. Fan controllers are just another way to make your time more efficient and the outcome more enhanced.

The purpose of fan controllers are to allow you to adjust your fan speeds in accordance to your current grow room needs. From time to time you will need to change the output of your fans to adjust temperature and humidity in the room and these controllers are ideal.

There are different types of controllers including Resistive type controllers and Voltage controllers. These fans work differently and produce different noise levels. Resistive types are known for being noisier as they work by slowing the fans down so you can change the balance of intake and extraction.

Voltage controllers are typically quieter and change the power output by using a variac to change the power supply to the fan.

If you require any advice on how to use fan controllers, or which would be best for you, please contact us!