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Flowering Boosters

Bud Factor X (Advanced Nutrients)

A big part of what makes a harvest considered high quality is the essential oil content. Essential oils go hand in hand with the aromas, flavors and resin contents produced by harvested plants. These essential oils and resins create the terpine profile in the plant material; the compounds that influence the plant’s natural fragrances and flavours.
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Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

Buddha Tree Flower Burst is a flowering booster to encourage flowering early. Flower Burst has an NPK of 0-10-8
From £24.95

Plagron Green Sensation

Specially developed for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering, Green Sensation is a strong booster which will increase both your yield and the flavour of fruits.
From £18.95

Rocks Resinator Heavy Yields

Resinator is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass. Resinator provides the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites.
From £74.95

Sugar Peak Catalyst

Sugar Peak Catalyst is a booster additive suitable for both soil and hydroponic use
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Terpinator is a unique formula which can be used during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. Terpinator increases the concentration of Terpenoids in aromatic plant oils and glands.
From £19.95

Atami Bloombastic

Bloombastic is an extremely strong PK (with an NPK of 0-20-21) which is suitable for use in the final weeks of flowering.
From £15.95

Big Bud (Advanced Nutrients)

Advanced Nutrient's Big Bud is essentially a mild, early PK with added amino acids.
From £10.95

BioBizz Bio Heaven

Bio Heaven is an energy booster which can be used throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages of a plant’s life cycle.
From £24.95

Buddhas Tree Meta-Boost

Buddha Tree Meta-Boost is a flowering stimulant which increases the plants metabolism converting nutrients into usable energy. Meta- Boost is rich in Seaweed and naturally occurring plant stimulants.
From £14.95

Canna Boost Accelerator

Canna Boost Accelerator is an essential product containing vital amino acids.
From £19.95

Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode is a bloom stimulant. Explode is the elite when it comes to accelerating flowering and stimulating growth of powerful large yields.
From £29.95


The flowering phase is where you see if all your attentive hard work has been successful, but before you see the final results you will need to supply your plants with boosters and bloom formulas.

Your plants require increased levels of potassium and phosphorus in order to fruit and flower. You will need to be very vigilant during this phase as each plant may have different demands and needs. Some plants need more stimulation to increase flowering whilst others may respond quicker. Customers are welcome to ask for advice, due to the large range of products on the market we may be able to help guide you to the best product to use.

 We sell a large variety of different formulas including popular brands such as BioBizz, B’Cuzz, Canna, Atami, Hesi, Cx, Vitalink, House and Garden, Growth Technology and more!