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Fungus Gnat Off

Fungus Gnat Off is en easy to use pest control product designed to treat unwanted pests such as Fungus gnats. Fungus Gnats will have a damaging effect on your plants if left untreated. The larvae from these gnats can cause detrimental harm to your plants by damaging the roots affecting your plants ability to intake nutrients. The larvae will inevitably destroy your plant health and potentially kill your crops.

Fungus gnat off stops the larvae from feeding, then spreading and therefore acts as a solution to your gnat problem! One Bottle contains 250ml of Fungus Gnat Off solution.

Dilution rate is 1ml of gnat Off solution required per 1 Litre of water.

A little bit about Fungus Gnats....

Fungus Gnats are common pests when growing indoors especially in humid conditions with high moisture levels.

Fungus Gnats have 2 forms of life as adult flies and Larvae, both stages can spread disease. You may first notice Gnats flying around in your grow room, appearing harmless. Fungus Gnats look like greyish/black mosquito like flies with long legs.

As adult flies they live approximately one week and lay up to 300 eggs thriving in moist rich soil! Within 4-6 day Larvae emerge and begin feeding on the roots. Larvae look like maggots with a white body and shiny black heads. Once the Fungus gnats have evolved to this stage they feed on root hairs and rapidly start destroying your plants roots. Larvae are most damaging to seedlings, cuttings and young plants. Once the damage is done adults leave the plant and start to spread. The entire life cycle can be 3-4 weeks depending on temperature conditions.

How to identity Damage-Your Plant will suddenly begin to wilt and loose vitality. You will notice poor growth from your plant and yellowing of the leaves.

We recommend you inspect your plants regularly at least once a week. Examine the soil and look for signs of larvae present or glossy residue they may leave behind. As Fungus gnats thrive in damp soils be careful not to over water the soil as this will create the perfect environment for larvae to thrive.

As Fungus Gnats are attracted to the colour yellow, we recommend using yellow sticky traps.

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Fungus Gnat Off
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