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Garden Highpro

Garden Highpro design and produce products to make growing hydroponically very easy. They are makers of a variety of quality equipment including tents, fans, filters, reflectors and lighting.

They distribute their products all over the world and are well known within the hydroponic industry.

Garden Highpro 8" Clip Fan

The Garden Highpro 8” (200mm) Clip Fan is an incredibly efficient fan which is actually designed for use in a grow room.
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Fabric Rhizopots (Propots)

Fabric Rhizopots are great pots designed and created to boost a healthy, efficient, productive root zone. These Fabric pots by Garden Pro are square based to optimise growing space and offer a breathable root zone for plants. The unique fabric design gives roots optimal growing space as they are not restricted by a traditional plastic pot, this stops roots circling and breaking.
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