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Garland Trays

Garland Trays

Available in a variety of sizes, there is a Garland tray suitable for any grow room or tent.
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A spillage here, a discarded leaf or two there – it doesn’t take much to make a mess in your grow room! For this reason you should definitely think about placing Deep Flexi-Trays on your floor, given that they offer protection against the odd mishap you will inevitably have when using systems filled with water, media and plants. Conveniently the flexible nature of the two different sized models also means you can easily get them into a car, through doors and set up where space is limited. The Flexi-Trays are able to accommodate the same number of each type of growing pot as the corresponding two Garland Work Trays - see the table below for more details on the pot holding capacity of these products.
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Garland trays are a great purchase which can serve a number of purposes.

A main function of the trays is to hold a number of pots which will catch excess fluids or mess that is not able to be contained within the pots. These trays can be used to transport pots from place to place or simply house pots throughout the grow cycle.

Garland trays are offered in a numbers of shapes and sizes.