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GEN200 Control

Gen200 Control is a reliable product designed to strengthen and regulate plant health. Gen200 Control is a Bio mix of natural micro elements which are essential for plant development, the combination of micro elements and orthosilicic acid ensures better growth and will improve your plants natural defence system.

Gen200 control should be used to protect and strengthen, this product will increase your plants resistance to disease by giving your plants the available micro elements to combat common diseases and problems such as heat stress which can have a negative impact on plant growth.

When your plants experience stress they need an extra boost to stimulate and refresh new growth, Gen200 have created control to address issues which may stunt growth, with the right balance you will notice faster root growth, stronger stems and leaves, firmer fuller plants and ultimately bigger yields.

This product will help repair, reduce and resolve common problems experienced when growing plants.

Always mix Gen200 control before adding nutrients.

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