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TA Flora Nutrients (GHE)

The TA Flora Series, Formerly known as GHE is a 3-part nutrient which has been developed by a former NASA scientist. Constantly updated and improved, it allows you to control the nutrients you give to your plants by changing the ratios between the liquids. Comprised of 3 parts, FloraGro encourages foliar growth and strong structural development. FloraBloom aids roots development during vegetative stages and promotes flowering and fruit development when flowering. FloraMicro complements the first two parts by providing all the neccesary micro elements your plants needs and also helps to stabilise the pH of your nutrient solution. TA Flora Nutrients are available in 1L or 5L bottles.

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TA Flora Grow 1L
TA Flora Bloom 1L
TA Flora Micro 1L (Hard Water)
TA Flora Micro 1L (Soft Water)
TA Flora Grow 5L
TA Flora Bloom 5L
TA Flora Micro 5L (Hard Water)
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