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GK Organics Complete Organics 1L

GK Organics Complete Organics Fertiliser offers a 100% organic all-in-one plant fertiliser containing everything for the growth and bloom of your plants and flowers. 

The complete all in one fertiliser offer improved soil conditions due to fermentation. This balanaced mix contains Guanokalong Powder, GK-Organics Seaweed Powder, GK-Organics Palm Tree Ash, GK-Organics Veg Pearls and GK-Organics Lava Worm Powder. Each of these unique GK Organic products offers superiorbenefits compared to chemical and mineral nutrition supplements.

This organic mix is great for those wanting to treat their plants to an excellent blend of organic materials to keep their plants healthy but is also an ideal solution for nutrient-poor soil or plants with substantial stress. Using this Guanokalong product can really turn the health of your plant around as well as maintain a healthy plant.

This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


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GK Organics Complete Organics 1L
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