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Gold Label Coco 50L

Gold Label Coco is manufactured using the fibres from the husk of the coconut. Gold Label ensures premium coco only using matured woody brown husk ensuring optimum quality and stabilty of the substrate. The husk fibres are washed to remove excess EC, buffered to remove potassium and then sieved into fine fibres. All the processing is done in an environmentally friendly way under supervision of the RHP authority. Gold Label Coco is RHP Horticulture certified thus ensuring quality, stability and crop safety.

Coco is a great choice for a variety of growers. Many people choose Coco as it is suitable to use with Mineral and organic nutrients. Coco is light weight which not only makes it easy to handle and process, but also is suitable to use on its own from seedlings/cuttings to full grown plants. Coco can be mixed with other products such as perlite and pebbles to add aeration, Gold Label provides a 60/40 mix for those wanting a combination coco mix, click here to view.

Benefits of Coco

Optimum balance of air and water
Only mature, woody husks from prime coconuts are selected for Gold Label Coco. The result is a growing media with a complex airy structure and the ideal water/oxygen ratio for root development and nutrient solution uptake.

No salt – stable EC - healthier plants
The EC of every bag of Gold Label is 0.01, making nutrient management easy. This ultra-low salt level is achieved by sourcing low-salt coco from in-land, then flushing it with fresh water in Holland under strict agricultural RHP approved processes.

Feed your plants. Not the media
Gold Label Coco undergoes a thorough buffering process and is treated with Calcium Nitrate so that the coco remains pH and EC stable and doesn’t try to take up the nutrients meant for your plants.

Gold Label Coco is available in 50L bags and is available in store, this product is classed as a 'Heavy Product'. Shipping Charges apply.

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Gold Label Coco 50L