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Grow Lamps (HID Bulbs)

Philips 315W CDM Lamps

Philips 315W CDM 930 Agro lamp and 942 Daylight Lamp suitable with ceramic bulb holder and 315w maxibright ballast
From £99.95

Grolux Lamp

The Grolux is one of the most popular lamps on the market and is suitable for growing most plants.
From £21.95

Lumatek Digital Lamp

These dual spectrum bulbs are the perfect complement for a digital ballast.
From £37.95

Osram Son-T Lamp

These standard sodium lamps are ideal when developing flowering plants as they replicate the red hue of the sun.
From £22.95

Philips Green Power Lamp 600w

These highly recommended Greenpower lamps are excellent quality sodium bulbs that provide an enhanced growth rate.
From £45.95

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp

Sunmasters are reliable and cost effective lamps - ideal for growing indoors.
From £14.95

Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamp

Metal Halide lamps are primarily designed for vegetative growth.
From £24.95

Lumii 600W Dual Spectrum lamp

The Lumii 600w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb with an E40 fitting. HPS lamps are ideal for stimulating and enhancing flowering.
From £19.95

Omega 600W Dual Spectrum lamp

The Omega 600w High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb with an E40 fitting. HPS lamps are ideal for stimulating and enhancing flowering.
£19.95 From £14.95

Gavita Pro Plus 1000W Lamp

Gavita Pro Plus 1000w lamp is a replacement bulb for the 1000w, 400v Gavita Lighting system. Gavita Bulbs are designed for high voltage to deliver maximum performance. In fact, 1000W Gavita bulbs maintain 96% of its light output over a year, only loosing 4% of performance. In order to keep your bulb at maximum output we reccommend lamps are changed every year.
From £119.95

Osram Plantastar HPS 600W Bulb

Osram 600w Plantastar hps bulb has the highest PAR rating (meaning it has the highest plant-usable light output) of any bulb on the market, in addition to having 30% more blue spectrum than a standard HPS bulb.
From £29.95


An essential part of any lighting system is, of course, the bulb (or ‘grow light’). There are many varieties of grow lamps – each tailored for a slightly different purpose.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (also known as ‘CFLs’ or ‘Eco Bulbs’) are suitable for small plants, cuttings and seedlings. They are available in 125W models and also as blue spectrum (for vegetative growth) or red spectrum bulbs (for flowering).

These bulbs are extremely energy efficient, giving off low levels of heat – but will not produce the same results as higher wattage lamps when growing larger or fruit producing plants.

Most growers will tend to use High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps if their set-up will allow them to do so.  The most commonly used HID lights are High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, which come in a few different forms.

For ease of use, you may wish to choose a dual spectrum HPS such as the Sunmaster or Sylvania Grolux. These bulbs contain the full spectrum of light needed for both the vegetative and flowering stages of a plant’s life, meaning that you do not need to change bulbs during your grow. These bulbs are available in 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W models and will require a ballast. ***

Alternatively, you may choose to use a blue spectrum bulb for vegetative growth and a red spectrum bulb when flowering. If you do, then you will need a Metal Halide lamp (blue) and a Pure Sodium Son-T lamp (red). The benefit of using a Metal Halide during the vegetative stage is that your plants will be receiving more blue light – this is the light they need for vegetative growth.

Likewise, by switching to a Pure Sodium Son-T you can ensure that your plants reach their full potential when flowering. Alternatively, you may wish to combine both a Metal Halide and a Son-T to produce a full spectrum of light.

Regardless of which light you choose on this page, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality lamp for your system. If you have any questions regarding any of our grow lamps, then do not hesitate to contact us over the phone, via email or at our central South West London store.