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Maxibright 315W Ballast

Maxibright Lighting kit comprises of a 315 w ballast and suitable Philips bulb, reflector and bulb holder
From £124.95

1000w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

With 6 power modes, the 1000w DigiLight Pro Select Ballast gives you ultimate control over the output of your HPS and Metal Halide lamps.
From £199.95

600w Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Ballast

This quality, digital ballast is great value for money and extremely reliable.
From £109.95

Horti Gear Magnetic Hobby Ballast

Horti Gear ballast is a quality piece of equipment required to regulate the power fed to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.
From £49.95

Intelligent Sun Pro 600w Dimmable Ballast

Intelligent sun pro benefits from supplying a constant flow of 600 watt power, dimmable from 400w-600w, with a built in timer!
From £199.95

Omega Black Digital Dimmable Ballast (250-600watt)

Omega Black Electronic ballast is a digital dimmable ballast with four power mode settings allowing the power output to range from 250watts to over 600watts.
From £74.95


A ballast is effectively a transformer which boosts the supply of electricity flowing to your grow lamp. They are an essential part of any High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system and come in two varieties: magnetic or digital.

Magnetic ballasts (such as the Corona Hobby Ballast) are usually cheaper and are a great choice for entry level growers or those buying multiple units. Whilst still providing excellent results, magnetic ballasts tend to create more heat and noise than their digital counterparts.

Digital ballasts, by contrast, produce very low levels of heat and noise – and therefore tend to be more efficient when using electricity. Some of these ballasts are also dimmable, meaning you can alter the output of your lamps to meet the needs of your plants/environment.

Whichever ballast you choose to go for, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality piece of equipment. If you have any further queries or questions then do not hesitate to contact us via email, over the phone or in person at our central South West London store.