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Growth Technology

Growth Technology began experimenting and creating hydroponic products in 1984 and became established in Australia in 1985. Now Growth Technology produces and distributes products across the world, becoming established in the UK in 1992.

Growth Technology supplies a range of equipment, nutrients, stimulators, growing media and more. We supply their products as they meet the high standards and expectations of the market demands. Growth Technology are ideal to use as a part of your hydroponic set up from start to finish, their extensive range is forever expanding and improving to move with the times.

Clonex Mist (Growth Technology)

Clonex Mist is a foliar spray for use during the propagation phase, brought to you by growth technology.
From £7.95

Fleximix Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes

Suitable for use in both soil and hydroponic systems, these propagation cubes have excellent aeration properties - perfect for early root development.
From £6.95

Growth Technology pH Up

This pH Up contains 25% potassium hydroxide (KOH) and is used for raising the pH level of nutrient solutions.
From £4.95

Guanokalong Complete Soil Mix 50L

Guanokalong Complete soil Mix benefits from the added rich quality Guano powder many growers find a necessity for their feed range. Guanokalong soil is mixed with fine elements such as seaweed powder, Palm tree ashes, cottonseed powder, fish powder and trace elements. All of these products mixed together with a finely tuned blend of perlite, worm castings, baltic white peat and black peat make for a full bodied organic unique soil.
From £16.95

PH Probe Cleaner (Growth Technology)

Ph probe cleaner is used to clean and maintain you PH meter
From £5.95

Clonex Rooting Gel (Growth Technology)

Clonex Rooting Gel contains vital hormones which help to promote root development in cuttings.
From £7.95

Formulex (Growth Technology)

Formulex is a mild, single-part nutrient which is suitable for use in the early stages of a plant's life.
From £4.95

Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

Silicon is used by plants for many things including: the creation of strong cell walls; the production of chlorophyll; and the transportation of minerals.
From £3.95

Growth Technology pH Buffers

These pH Buffers allow you to calibrate pH meters accurately.
From £4.95

Growth Technology pH Down

This pH Down contains 81% phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and has been developed by Growth Technology - a name you can trust!
From £4.95

Ionic Grow & Bloom (Growth Technology)

Ionic Grow & Bloom are simple to use, single part nutrients.
From £8.95

Ionic PK Boost 14:15 (Growth Technology)

Ionic PK Boost is a potassium and phosphorus supplement designed for use with Growth Technology’s Ionic Bloom feed.
From £9.95