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Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver

Guanokalong Extract taste improver is a 100% organic liquid especially designed to enhance taste and improve growth.

This taste improver acts not only as a flavour stimulant but also boosts yield and flowering which gives optimal performance for your plants. 

Like most products packed with essential nutrients and enhancers, Guanokalong will accelerate root structures giving your plants the best foundations to achieve maximum results. 

Guanokalong Extract should be used as follows for indoor and outdoor use:

  • -Guanokalong® Extract can be used as a supplement to the regular growing schedule from other fertiliser manufacturers.
  • -When using Guanokalong® Powder or pellets, the addition of Guanokalong® Extract is unnecessary.
  • -Simply add Guanokalong® Extract approximately 1x per week to the feed water.
  • -Dosage: at least 10 ml Guanokalong® Extract per litre of water. (Some orchid growers achieve abundant results with a 50/50 ratio.)
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