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Guanokalong Veg Pearls 1L

Guanokalong Veg Pearls is a vegan super fertiliser providing astonishing growth using 100% organic means. GK-Organics Veg Pearls is made solely made from a plant-based extract from sugar cane which is a complete and economical alternative for manure. Guanokalong Veg Pearls has an NPK of 11-0-5 in granular form. 

Veg Pearls benefit from:-

  • -For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • -Astonishing growth.
  • -Improved soil life.
  • -No leaching of minerals.
  • -Less irrigation required.
  • -Increased plant resistance to stress.
  • -100% vegan.
  • -Economical to use.
  • -Easy to scatter due to rounded shape.


Guanokalong Veg Pearls are easy to use and should be used as follows for indoor and outdoor use:

  • -For outdoor cultivation: 1 litre GK-Organics® Veg Pearls for 5 – 10 m². At a later stage, scatter GK-Organics® Veg Pearls over the earth as needed and rake it thoroughly into the soil.
  • -For use in pots and/or planters:before planting, mix 1 1/2 50-ml measuring cups of GK-Organics® Veg Pearls into 15 litres of potting soil or earth.
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Guanokalong Veg Pearls 1L
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