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Hesi produce a complete range of plant feed including feeds suitable for soil, coco and hydro.  The Hesi range promotes growth of strong, healthy plants that will aid production of large yields.

Hesi products have been established in the hydroponic industry for many years and are considered a great choice of nutrient.

Hesi Boost

Hesi Boost is an energetic bloom stimulant to boost your plants into the flowering stage.
From £11.95

Hesi Phosphorus Plus

Phosphorus Plus powers your plant with ideal levels of Phosphorus to optimise the elements needed to create luscious, large and greater amounts of flower formations.
From £6.95

Hesi Powerzyme

Powerzyme is a Enzyme additive which takes care of the plants root system providing optimum care
From £14.95

Hesi Bloom Complex

Hesi Bloom Complex is for use in the flowering phase and contains all the necessary components for flowering.
From £13.95

Hesi Coco

Hesi Coco is a one part supplement for growing plants in Coco substrate.
From £13.95

Hesi Hydro Nutrients

Hesi Hydro Growth contains a great mix of different components needed to promote vigorous growth.
From £13.95

Hesi PK13/14

Hesi PK 13/14 gives your plants the extra Phosphorus and Potassium which is needed in the flowering phase.
From £13.95

Hesi Root Complex

Hesi Root complex is full of vital elements needed for healthy root growth. Root complex contains trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes.
From £29.95

Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is an exceptional blend of 15 Vitamins and 10 Amino acids.
From £7.95

Hesi TNT Complex

Hesi TNT Complex is a growth nutrient which can be used throughout the vegetative stage of a plant’s life cycle.
From £9.95