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House & Garden

House and Garden are a Holland based company manufacturing nutrients since 1990. They supply a complete range of nutrients feeds and more including base nutrients, additives, supplements and soils.

All of these products are designed to assist the growth of powerful yet healthy produce, suitable for all types of systems. House and Garden guarantee high grade, quality ingredients-resulting in a fine blend of nutrients you can trust.

House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes are one of House & Garden's newest base nutrient products, suitable for use with all re-circulating systems.
From £13.95

House & Garden Bat Mix Special 50L

House & Garden's premium Bat Special is an extremely high quality soil.
From £11.95

House & Garden Bud XL

Bud XL is specially formulated to increase the size of fruit and helps to increase yield size.
From £27.95

House & Garden Coco Nutrients

House & Garden's Coco nutrient is a two-part feed suitable for use in both vegetative and flowering stages of a plant's life.
From £14.95

House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold

Roots Excelurator contains a powerful root stimulator which encourages rapid root growth.
From £37.95

House & Garden Shooting Powder

Shooting Powder is a highly recommended flowering stimulator which has gained notoriety the world over.
From £9.95

House & Garden Top Shooter Gel

Top Shooter Gel is a liquid variant of 'Shooting Powder' which can be used in nutrient solutions smaller than 100L.
From £39.95