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Humidity & Temperature

Bluelab Combo Meter

Bluelab Combo PH Meter is a portable PH Meter and Conductivity and temperature meter all in one handheld device.
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Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

The digital Heat Mat Thermostat by Root!t is a digital device which will ensure precise temperature control. The thermostat is designed to evenly spread the heat of the mat to suit the optimum growing temperature
From £34.99

HR15 Humidifier

This humidifier comes with a humidistat and is a great way to control the humidity levels in medium to large grow rooms.
From £350.00

Thermometer -Temperature & Humidity Meter

Knowing the temperature and humidity levels in your grow room is critical to keeping your plants growing at optimum rates and helps immensely with diagnosing any problems.
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Tubular Grow Room Heater

With these tubular heaters you can ensure that the temperature stays at optimum levels all year round!
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Dry Bag 500ml

This 800ml Dehumidifying Dry Pot is a cost effective way to remove the moisture in your grow room! It aids in the crop drying process, and helps to remove damp, mould and mildew caused by too much moisture in the air. Another true grow room essential! Your customers will be impressed with just how much moisture this handy little device can soak up.
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One of the most important elements to perfect when growing is regulating the correct temperature and humidity throughout your cycle. We encourage our customers to understand the difference between humidity and temperature and the negative impact on your plants if either of these is not maintained at the right level.

Humidity is the measure of the amount of water vapour in the air. Plants transpiration process behaves differently depending on your grow room conditions. Low humidity causes plants to transpire quicker than your plants ability to intake nutrients therefore nutrients are not absorbed by your plant, only water-resulting in deterioration in your plants health. High levels of humidity cause moisture to become built up exposing your plants to fungi and mold growth. Therefore the ideal conditions for indoor growing would be 50-70% humidity during vegetative growth and 40-60% humidity during flowering.

In this section you can find different gadgets and accessories that can help you successfully maintain the correct temperature and humidity.