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Hy-gen Budlink (Liquid Silica)

HY-GEN Budlink is a silicon additive which is highly soluble. The use of BudLink will increase weight and bulk, assist nutrient uptake as well as strengthening plants and improving disease resistance.

Benefits of using Silica:

  • Stronger cell walls- Silica can be compared to the likes of a liquid bamboo, virtually fortifying cells from the inside out. Cells are the building blocks of the plant's framework. Strengthening the cell walls helps the plant build strong hearty branches and stems that are reinforced enough to support the weight of the fruit that the plant will eventually produce.
  • Stronger cells mean bigger stems- Thicker cell walls resulting from silica use create bigger stalks and stems that can uptake and transport more water, nutrients, and plant secretions throughout the plant body, facilitating faster growth rates and bigger plants.
  • Increased resistance to environmental stress- Since plants lack the immune system that animals rely on to stay healthy, silica helps perform many of the same functions and can be thought of as a super vitamin and an immune support for plants.
  • Increased resistance to pathogens-When a plant is fed a soluble form of silica, the plant accumulates the silica around the infected site forming selectively fortified areas that can fend off fungal infections such as rust, Pythium and Powdery Mildew.
  • Increased resistance to pests- Silica accumulates in the epidermal cell walls of leaves, making it harder for biting and sucking bugs to damage the plant. Deposits of silicic acid within the cells act as an additional barrier to sap sucking insects. Foliar feeding is the best way to ensure the silica gets directly absorbed into the leaves where it can be immediately used to combat pests.
  • Enhanced metabolic functions- Plants grown with the use of soluble silica are shown to have higher concentrations of chlorophyll in their leaf tissue compared to plants grown without it. It also enables them to make more efficient use of Carbon Dioxide resulting in lush healthy green foliage with excellent leaf structure and reduced amount of Leaf Wilt.
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