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Hydroponic Media

Gold Label 60/40 Clay/Coco Mix

Gold Label 60/40 combines the moisture retention properties of coco with the drainage benefits of clay pebbles.
From £14.95

Grodan Growing Cubes

These cubes (also known as Cellmax) are tiny pieces of rockwool suitable for use in pots as a growing medium.
From £9.95

Clay Pebbles 45L Bag

Suitable for use with many hydroponic systems such as Flood and Drain and Deep Water Culture, these clay pebbles provide a clean and effective growing medium.
From £14.95


Perlite is excellent for combining with other growing media as it has excellent aeration and drainage properties.
From £19.95

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield 6kg

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoShield is granulated calcined diatomaceous earth (1-3mm). Can be used on lawns as a soil improver and pest prevention.
From £6.95

Plant!t Vermiculite 10L

Plant-it Vermiculite is natural sterile soft Mica Minerals which are an excellent addition for any potting mix. There are many benefits of Vermiculite including its natural ability to retain water and nutrients
From £5.95


We sell hydroponic media suitable for many hydroponics systems. 

The idea of hydroponic media is not using soil, these substances are a great substitute as they benefit from qualities such as being light, absorbent and coarse. These properties allow for oxygen and nutrients to be easily accessible to your plants roots.

In addition these products can be used along side other growing media such as Coco or soil.