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Hydroponic Growing Media

Clay Pebbles 45L Bag

Suitable for use with many hydroponic systems such as Flood and Drain and Deep Water Culture, these clay pebbles provide a clean and effective growing medium.
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Ecothrive Coco 50L

Ecothrive Coco is a blend of quality coco coir and Charge pre-blended ready to use.
From £15.95


Perlite is excellent for combining with other growing media as it has excellent aeration and drainage properties.
From £19.95

Plant-it Clay Pebbles 10L

Plant-it Clay Pebbles are for hydroponic use
From £4.95

Plant-it Perlite 10L

Plant it Perlite can be an ideal choice for many growing arrangements. This light weight, PH neutral substrate is great for use on its own or alongside soil.
From £6.95

Plagron Coco Premium 50L

Plagron Coco Premium is a growing nutrient suited for potting plants. Plagron Coco is made with high quality Coco, enriched with trichoderma and lightly buffered to offer a low EC value. Coco itself has great aeration and drainage properties making it an exellent choice for many growers.
From £12.95


We sell hydroponic media suitable for many hydroponics systems. We offer clay pebbles and Perlite.

The idea of hydroponic media is not using soil, these substances are a great substitute as they benefit from qualities such as being light, absorbent and course. These properties allow for oxygen and nutrients to be easily accessible to your plants roots.

In addition these products can be used along side other growing media such as Coco or soil.