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Hydroponic Accessories

Air Line Tubing 4mm

Air line tubing is suited and used for many hydroponic set-ups. You will need some silicon tubing to connect an air stone/pump/tee pieces etc. Air Line tubing allows you to connect multiple outlets.
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Correx Covers

Correx Cover
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Created for use with the Autopot system, these versatile tanks can be used with any hydroponic system such as the IWS or custom-made systems.
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NFT Spreader Mat

Spreader matting is an essential component of an NFT system. It ensures that your nutrient solution is spread evenly across the base of your plants and provides an additional medium for your plants’ roots to take hold.
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In-Line Tap

Very high quality in-line tap for adjusting flow rates and isolating individual dripper lines
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AutoPot Square Copper Root Disc

The Root Control Discs are black & gold in colour and are placed in the tray underneath the pot, gold face up. The purpose of the Root Control Disc is to prevent roots from leaving the pot.
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Blue fast flow drip stake

Hydroponic equipment used for fast drainage, for example clay pebbles.
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Barbed Tee Piece

These Barbed Tee pieces come in a variety of sizes to fit your piping and irrigation systems, barbed tee pieces allow the flow of water in two directions.
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Barbed Elbow

Barbed elbows are simple solution to bend your piping/tubing around bends and corners without kinking or bending the pipe. Without elbows tubing can fold and cause blockages.
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IWS Sealing Gland

IWS Sealing Glands are used to create an air tight seal between the piping and tank. This IWS Sealing Gland is suitable for IWS Systems and will ensure no leaking.
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Hole Punch Spanner

These hole punches creates the hole for 4mm hydroponic irrigation fittings
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10 Way Air Manifold Plastic

10 Way Air Manifolds are designed to split the air flow from an air compressor or high output air pump and direct it down a number of individual tubes to air stones and rings.
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