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Intelligent Watering Systems

Intelligent watering systems, known as IWS, manufacture top quality hydroponic systems. IWS systems are sold worldwide and considered to be a number one choice for many people wanting to grow on small or large scales.

Each IWS systems we sock have been specifically chosen due to their clever designs and reliability. Each product comes in a range of sizes to suit your growing space.

IWS Flood & Drain System

The IWS Flood & Drain system is an automated hydroponic system which provides massive yields with minimal effort.
From £14.95

IWS Oxy Pot- 1 Plant Growing System

The IWS Oxy Pot is a one-plant 'Deep Water Culture' (or 'bubbler') system.
From £15.95

IWS Flexitank

Flexitanks are a water storage reservoir designed for use with IWS Systems.
From £47.95